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The essential tool for batch processing Wwise RTPC Curves

What is MultiCurver?


Have you ever needed the option to batch process multiple curves in Wwise?

Current multi-editor functionality in Wwise doesn’t allow manipulation of Real Time Parameter Control curves. This is where MultiCurver comes in…

MultiCurver is a time-saving handy tool to select and batch edit similar Wwise RTPC curves at once.

Load a work unit, select and edit the curves. Hit save and go back to Wwise to resume your work.

How it works?


MultiCurver makes it easy to edit multiple similar RTPC curves at the same time. The overall interaction comes down to a few clicks:



Load a Wwise Work Unit in MultiCurver


Select the similar RTPC curves you want to batch edit


Edit the curve point of a single RTPC curve, which will affect the other selected curves as well


Save and go back to editing in Wwise

Features of MultiCurver

  • Visual Wwise Work Unit Editor
  • Loads and saves Actor-Mixer Hierarchy Work Units
  • See and select RTPC Curves from all sources (buses, audio sources, LFOs, envelopes etc.)
  • Select a curve and see similar curves possible for same edits
  • Option for quick selection of all similar curves for easy batch processing
  • Edit curve points directly by dragging the point in the XY grid or by editing the input fields


MultiCurver version 1 is free to use for both private and commercial usage



  • Using MultiCurver is strictly at your own risk. Make sure to take a backup of the work unit you want to edit with MultiCurver. Use versioning control or other backups to make sure you can go back to a previous version in case the edits done with MultiCurver needs a reverse.


  • MultiCurver does not display the actual curve line curvings, but show linear lines. Saving a work unit with MultiCurver keeps the line curvings set in Wwise, and will not manipulate line curvings.

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